Jaunauce Manor palace – Culture tourism object

 Open to visitors from: 1st May – 31th October

– Fridays, saturdays, sundays 11.00 – 15.00.

Entrance: donation

If you have arrived outside working hours but you would very much like to see the palace, call: +371 28349411.

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Jaunauce Manor palace has two stories: one of the period when it was the family house of baron von der Ropp where a calm family life was taking place for 100 years, and the second one of the period when Jaunauce School had found its home there with active, curious and creative students and teachers. Both stories are exciting, since they are rich in big and small events, as well as full of different lives of people.

The palace shows the different views on the values and order of things of its former residents, but still the palace was looked after in both periods; it was not damaged so much as to lose its uniqueness. 

This place is interesting for people who can value cultural and historical heritage – who see the beautiful, understand the authentic, want to comprehend the history, see the time periods in the palace interior, and can enjoy the peace of the manor park.

Most important values of the palace

  • The only late classicism interior complex so well preserved in Latvia.
  • The only authentic classic dome painting.
  • The largest collection of white pot furnaces of the first quarter of the 19th
  • Authentic wooden interior elements: windows, doors, stairs, parquet and others.
  • Atmosphere, spirit, feelings….

Palace park

One of the few parks in Latvia that is being reconstructed correctly. The track network has been renewed, around 1000 trees and bushes have been planted, bridges, the pergola, benches have been renewed and the pond has been cleaned. One should take their time enjoying the park… It is especially beautiful when the peonies and jasmines are blooming.

Exhibitions and expositions

 “School bench”

 A small exposition formed by the former Jaunauce school benches of different periods. While sitting on a school bench similar to the one a person was sitting on during the school years, each and every visitor becomes sentimental and is ready to write a dictation, do sums and practice calligraphy…

“Physics and Chemistry Room”

We offer to visit an authentic soviet school room for physics and chemistry where everything is as it was around fifty years ago – the furniture, teaching aids, even the smell is the same. If you are not in a hurry, you can do laboratory tasks in physics or chemistry…

Wine cellar

In the former baron’s wine cellar you can try the Jaunauce Manor wine made by the local winemakers and taste the jam, the baron’s tea and baroness’s coffee, if you call us before your visit on: +371 26014296.


An exclusive option is to sleep in a soviet boarding school or on the floor on one’s own or our mattresses. We will agree on the price.

Space for rent

A great place for creative camps for future and current artists, musicians and other guests who value history.

We will agree on the price.


There is no catering for tourists, but we will offer tea and coffee to everyone when needed. The closest catering is available at Auce.

We supply catering services for banquets and camps. We will agree on the price.

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